Just Jeans


My name is James Kamo. In the photo above I might look like one of your typical hipster free-spirited vagabond dudes that wishes he had a beard but doesn't have the technology to grow one yet. Maybe I am but the point I'm trying to make is that I'm just a guy and I do very ordinary things.



I got my first pair of Last & True jeans for a sailing trip. This is not one of the ordinary things. Being able to sail is extraordinary. I'm fortunate enough to be buddies with the guys that do the branding for L&T so one day, one of those guys asked me to try on a few pairs of L&T's, so he could get an idea of the different fits. I fell in love with this black pair. I have a problem finding jeans, probably like most people. I don't have stick thin legs, my thighs are big and my calves are not so big, so finding a pair of jeans that are flattering are very hard to find. Over the years, comfort has risen as more of a priority, even more so than looks. When I can find something that is comfortable AND looks good, I'm willing to use my hard earned cash to buy that thing because looks and comfort is a very rare thing.



This model is called the Kingston Slim. But it doesn't really matter what model they are. What they are, are jeans. Jeans are jeans. No matter what the branding, what the fit, if you find a pair of that fits well and are comfortable, you just want them to last forever. This is where the ordinary comes in. I'm not going to try and convince you that these jeans are special, because they aren't special. There isn't anything that these jeans have that other classic jeans don't have. I just know that for me, I like them.



Maybe there are somethings on the jeans that I do like. I like how the match pocket, that small pocket in the front right pocket, oh it's called a match pocket because miners needed a place for their matches because candles were the lighting technology of that day. Anyways, I like how the match pocket is bigger in these jeans than in normal jeans. Here in England, there's a lot of coin carrying that happens. In America, we have one dollar bills, in England, there are pound coins and two pound coins, which don't fit in my ordinary leather wallet. So I put all the change in the coin pocket, and they stay tucked in there, and I don't have to worry about the coins spilling out. I guess that's the only feature that I like compared to other jeans.



The yellow is egg yolk that fell onto my favorite jeans. I made an egg sandwich and the yolk dripped while I watched my buddy make a shed in his back yard. So I've been wearing these things since I got them before sailing. I haven't washed them. When it's hot I just roll up the cuffs to just above my calves. I go to work in them. I do my shopping in them. I skate in them. If I could I'd probably surf in them. At the end of the day, they are just jeans. I like these L&T jeans. You might like them too and that's why you should find a shop that carries them and try them on for yourself. Do it because you might find something that's comfy and looks flattering.

Not for that cool hipster vibe.

They're just jeans.


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