Cut Brooklyn: Joel Bukiewicz

There's something about Joel Bukiewicz's harsh words that's refreshing to hear when it comes to making things. I don't mind the flowery way that a lot of folks describe their love for creating but a lot of times the process is incredibly frustrating and rightfully so.

Carl Sagan, an insightful astronomer, said, "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe."

So to make an apple pie, you need the apple, you need the apple tree, the seed to make the tree, the soil, the person to plant the tree, the tree planter's parents, the tree planter's parent's parents, the person to make the oven, the person to make the steel to make the oven, the earth to make the steel, the universe to make the earth... you get the point.

So when it comes to making things, I believe that each thing that is made should matter, it should be worth the universe to make.

I feel that Joel does my belief justice with "buckets of blood sweat and fucking work to get there..."

Watch this video and get amped to do something that matters.


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