Lettering: Birthday Card

It was recently my grandpa's 88th birthday so I lettered a card for him using single stroke and script styles. The first step, pictured above, was the sketch out the card.

Then I shaded the back of the paper of the sketch and transferred the sketch onto the final paper by tracing over the sketch with a ballpoint pen, a bit like carbon copying.

I then started to fill in the letters with a paint marker. I made the mistake of not buying a thinner tipped marker so this part was difficult.

Happy all filled.

Happy Birthday! I then started to fill in the Dear Ojiichan(Dear Granpa in Japanese) with a brush pen. This part was easier since the brush pen has a very fine tip.

Close up.

All finished. It's a bit wonky and the sun character might have looked better with a thinner marker but overall I'm stoked with it.

Sometimes when you do work, you get it to a certain stage and you feel it's good enough. Then you realize there's an extra step you can take to push it to the next level. I added what's called a drop line; a sign painting method to make letters pop.

The drop lines themselves have a bit of character.

I accidentally got some ink on the paper so over the smudge I added a star then dispersed a few more stars around the page to make it look like I did it on purpose.

And here's the final thing.

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